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AccuDock® Floating platforms are the most versatile, stable, and light weight floating platforms on the market! Due to the fact that AccuDock® work floats are able to be customized for any sort of application, there is no job that they can't handle! Various floating platforms weigh as little as 65 lbs., making them easy to transport, install, and stack for storage.
AccuDock Commercial Work Floats AccuDock Yacht Work Floats
AccuDock Commercial Work Floats AccuDock Cutom Commercial Work Floats
AccuDock Commercial Work Floats
AccuDock Commercial Work Floats

In addition to our lightweight polyethylene work floats, AccuDock® also manufacturers a heavy duty marine grade aluminum frame floating platform (see above) for any more rigorous application. The AccuDock® unique manufacturing process, also allows us to use any density foam for your floating platform as well as customize the wall thickness to each request, and deck your floating platform with any type of material.

In addition to AccuDock® floating platforms being able to be configured in any way imaginable, we are also able to customize the profile of your floating platform based on the job. AccuDock® manufacturers floating platforms as low as 5" off the water and as high as 98" off the water! You can build and customize your own dock using our DIY Black custom designed floating platforms - see below.

DIY Work Platforms DIY Work Platforms
Black Work Platforms

Work Platforms on a Trailer Portable Work Platforms Work Platforms on a Truck
AccuDock® commercial floating platforms are manufactured in two size - 4' x 8' and 5' x 8'. As seen above, they easily fit into the back of a pick-up truck, can be carried and transported with ease by one or two people, and are easily stackable – for storage when not in use.

AccuDock® Floating Platforms are so easy to install, that 75% of our customers do it themselves! All AccuDock® floating platforms come with step by step instructions, have been pre-assembled, numbered, and dis-assembled for shipping; to allow easy installation.

Floating Work Platforms with Railings Floating Work Platforms with Railings
AccuDock® floating platforms can also be customized to be outfitted with various sorts of railings - to further enhance safety and stability for the user(s). AccuDock® floating platform railings are created using 1 1/4" schedule 40 aluminum pipe. Whether your job require a single, double, or triple railing - AccuDock® floating platforms can be customized to meet your needs! (see above)

AccuDock® floating platforms are the only work platforms available that are compatible with any of your floating platform requirements. In addition to being very versatile, AccuDock® floating platforms also have the highest rate of stability due to the fact that there are no weak or thin points on any of the float sections and that they have the highest buoyancy rate on the market. The standard 5 x 8 x 6" work float can hold up to 1000 lbs. - making it one of the lightest, most affordable and stable floating platforms available. Of course, based on the thickness of the work platform, other 5 x 8 floating platforms can hold well over 2000 lbs., such as the 12" thick 5 x 8 work platform.

Floating Work Platform for Concrete Repair Floating Work Platform for Concrete Repair

AccuDock® floating platforms can also be customized with scaffolding that is fabricated using our Marine grade aluminum. Floats are specifically designed at our facility to attach to the foot of each scaffolding system to allow for a completely stable floating platform to work from.

Floating Work Platform with Scaffhold Floating Work Platform with Scaffhold

BUY OR RENT ACCUDOCK PORTABLE FLOATING PLATFORMS. AccuDock® Platforms/ floats may be rented based on availability. Please call 954-785-7557 or contact us on our Contact Page.

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